Josephine Angerman Sather

Obit:Tuesday, October 13, 1964
Tyrol, Austria

End of the Trail

Notices in this section are limited to names of those who have achieved pioneer status through many years in the North, or who are otherwise of unquestioned importance in the daily scene.

Mrs. Josephine Angerman Sather, 82, who built her own cabin and ran a fox farm alone on rugged Nuka Island south of Seward for many years, died October 13 in Ellman, Tirol. Austria. the land of her birth. She left Alaska two years ago following the death of her second husband, "Herring Pete" Sather. She and her first husband, the late Balthausar Angerman, came to Alaska from the cotton mills of Massachusetts in 1921 in search of land they could lease from the government to take advantage of the blue fox fur boom, They loaded their belongings in a small boat, and eventually found and settled on uninhabited Nuka Island which abounded in foxes. Her husband died a few y ears later, amd she ran the farm alone. Toting 100-pound sacks of feed on her back, she roamed the mountainous island. caring for her foxes at the 70 feeding stations she had built, She gradually added to her cabin until it was comfortable. grew a garden. and trapped or killed 17 black bear in defense of her charges. Her second husband, Herring Pete Sather, famed sea-loving Alaskan who was known throughout the territory as the man who couldn't stand dry land, came into her life one stormy night after he anchored his small boat off the island, After they were married, he helped with the fox farming during the off-fishing season. He died in August of 1961 when his boat, the Rolf II, was lost en route from Seward to Nuka Island with supplies.

Source: Alaska Sportsman, Feb 1965

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