J. Vin Hoeman

Obit:Wednesday, April 30, 1969

End of the Trail

Notices in this section are limited to names of those who have achieved pioneer status through many years in the North, or who are otherwise of unquestioned importance in the daily scene.


The high slopes of the Himalaya Mountains are the final resting place of J. Vin Hoeman, 32, of Anchorage, who was killed along with four other Americans and two Sherpa guides on April 30 during an attempt to scale Mt. Dhaulagiri, 26.81 1-foot peak conquered only once. A founder and leader of the Alaska Rescue Group, Hoeman had twice reached the summit of Mt. McKinley and scores of lesser peaks. In addition to scaling the highest point in each of the fifty states, the Alaskan mountaineer had climbed in South America, Europe, Africa and Asia. In announcing the decision to have her husband's body remain at about the 17,000-foot level where an avalanche swept him to his death. Dr. Grace Jansen Hoeman revealed that she and her husband had agreed that if either were to die in a mountain climbing accident, the mountain would be the final resting place. Seward friends of Hoeman have recommended that a mountain thirty-two miles north of Seward be named Mount J. Vin Hoeman.� [July1969]

Source: Alaska Sportsman, July 1969

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